Based in Nashik (Maharashtra), we have done exceedingly well in the sphere of manufacturing and supplying Micro-nutrient Fertilizers, Fertilizers for Organic Farming, Plant Growth Regulators, Humic Acid 12% & Super Potassium Humate, Spray ...Read More
Plant Growth Regulators
Amino Acid Chelates
Chelated Micronutrient Fertilizers
Organic Fertilizers
Potassium Humate
Salt of Phosphorus Acid
Spray Adjuvant
Micronutrient Fertilizer Mixtures
Protein Hydrolysate
Calcium amino acid chelate
Potassium Schoenite
Organic Plant Nutrition
Organo Silicone Based Spray Adjuvant
Seaweed Extract
Water Developer
Fertilizer-Sulphur 90% WG
Contact Fungicide-Sulphur 80% WDG
Sugarcane Power Kit
White Gold Power Kit
New Items
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